Ben Brown 

Half famous, half dead, the celebrity zombie portraits of illustrator and artist Ben Brown are all just dying for you to see them. Each as a small run of limited Giclee Prints on GSM Archival Paper, each print has been signed and numbered by the artist. Brown completed a handfull of skin and bone portraits of such musical greats as Winehouse, Hendrix, Cobain, Buddy Holly and more…

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ARTchipel Paris ART Meetup [5 beautiful Tumblr stories]

ARTchipel & ARTchipel&You [community e-gallery] - on Tumblr since Feb 2011

“Social networks: a new approach of the artistic creation. To discover the art of now, without borders, we chose Tumblr.”

• Why has ARTchipel chosen Tumblr?
Tumblr is a sharing platform very pleasant to use, we can give a personal touch to our blog quite easily. Also, Tumblr combines the functionalities of a social network and the open-mindedness of a blogging platform. We can stay connected with our followers coming from around the world who can follow our posts, “like” them, share them and respond. At the same time, readers non-members of Tumblr can also visit our blog. Finally, Tumblr is for us a very important online art source: there are many awesome art blogs that keep us well informed about what is happening in the contemporary art world and innumerable emerging artists who share their work on the platform.
• What do you share on your Tumblr?
When we decided to create our Tumblr a year ago, we aim to share with our future followers each day an artist we like. Soon, our commitment on the artists promotion has been noticed by many Tumblr art bloggers who sent us very encouraging messages. We wanted to expand our communication with bloggers and have created “Tumblr Monday”: each Monday, we invite an art blogger that we appreciate to share with us one of his/her favorite contemporary artists.
• So ARTchipel integrates itself directly with Tumblr art community by inviting curators to introduce artists to feature. Do you also interact directly with artists?
Few months after we started our Tumblr, we’ve been selected on Tumblr Spotlight | Art category. Since, we are regularly contacted by artists for advice and have found many talented artists. We also began doing online interviews with artists on Tumblr and artists on ARTchipel.com and have published more than 50 interviews. Recently, we created a 2nd Tumblr ARTchipel&You and wish to offer regularly calls for submissions.
• What are the objectives of these sharings?
The artists presented on our blog are mainly emerging artists, because we wish our blog to be an exhibition space that allows these artists to increase their visibility. It is also a way for us to discover new talent to exhibit on our e-gallery ARTchipel.com.
• Have you made beautiful encounters?
We made some very beautiful encounters with “bloggers who have participated our Tumblr Monday” and with artists that we have interviewed. We also begin to exhibit on our e-gallery ARTchipel.com artists that we have presented on our Tumblr.

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